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raw pad thai bowl with tofu.

Generally, I don’t dig raw food. I find it hard to digest and truly, I just prefer the texture of slightly mushy cooked veggies. I am a toddler, apparently.  Great news, though: this isn’t the case for everyone! If you

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buttery tahini dill dressing.

What’s the deal with salad dressing, everybody? For real. Have you looked at the ingredients on a bottle of the stuff recently? Scary. In order for a bottle of Catalina or Ranch or 1000 Island (yuck) to keep an even

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meatless monday meal plan #1

Figuring out what to eat in a day can be so complicated. Throw in the fact you’re trying to eat well, make healthful choices, and avoid gluten, dairy, or sugar… and forget it. It can be enough to make anyone

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build-your-own trail mix.

[The definitive guide to building the best-ever, best-for-you trail mix] I was shocked recently to discover that there isn’t one go-to ‘build your own’ healthy trail mix guide on the internet. There are tons of suggestions for party mixes, and

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