surprising first foods for babies.

Who needs processed, packaged rice cereal? Not you!

Cultivate your child's curious palate from their very first bites by introducing flavorful, nutritious, whole foods. Check out the Infant Feeding Schedule for some guidelines on when to introduce which foods to your little one. Then put on your creative-in-the-kitchen apron and experiment with these adventurous foods below.

first foods traditional


first foods adventurousStarting with veggies and grains ensures your child doesn't develop a preference for only sweet foods like bananas (although these can be introduced later on once your little one has had some time to play in the realm of savory). 

Bake, roast, or steam veggies until tender, then puree until smooth. Adjust the texture and chunkiness as your child develops. 

Cook whole grains as you would cook them for yourself, adding a few extra minutes to the cook time to ensure they're fully saturated with water. Blend with a little breastmilk or formula to create a porridge. Adjust the texture and amount of milk added as your child develops.

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