Stop counting calories, obsessively dieting, and feeling guilty about food.

Eat more real food instead. Delicious food. Food from home. Food you intuitively know is going to fuel you and feed you and make you feel fantastic.

What’s that? No time? No idea where to begin? Great. I’m glad you’re here. Whether you need some inspiration to get cooking – or you’d like someone to bring delicious, nourishing food to you – you’re in the right spot. 

The recipes and information I share here are intended to take away some of the kitchen intimidation factor, to connect you to your food and illuminate what might be holding you back from feeling the best you’ve ever felt.

This site features whole food, vegan, gluten-free, family-friendly recipes [lots of ideas for quick weeknight meals!], which are especially created for the novice cook and those new to a plant-based eating. These are recipes for energy, vibrancy, and uber-confidence. And hey, if those still seem like a stretch, I’d love to plan, prepare and deliver a customized set of meals to you. 

I am all about eating like you love yourself (because you should!). I focus on simple ingredients, primarily nutrient-dense plants. (That is, plant foods that pack a big healthful punch of nourishment in every bite, without the addition of artificial or processed junk). The quality of the food we eat each day matters. All food isn’t created equal. 

When we make our own vitality a priority by consistently choosing to eat in a way that nourishes and supports us, we can better understand our relationship with eating. No calorie counting. No restriction. Just eating more awesomely more of the time. 

Please take a peek around at the recipes and articles on the site, and reach out if you have questions. I would love to chat! Check out the link to the right, too, for vegan meal delivery, online courses and one-on-one nutrition counseling.


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Cucumber Soup topdown

chilled cucumber soup.

The cucumber. Oh, the cucumber. It’s one of those veggies that seems so commonplace and familiar, until you start to learn about all the different varieties and uses for them… there are tons! The two main varieties are slicing (ie.

mexican salad round

sweet corn + potato mexican summer salad.

Some of the best meals are the ones that just… happen. Unplanned, no recipe, improvisational fun time style. I’ve discovered that’s been a theme of late with our meals, thanks largely to the week-of surprise of our CSA box as