Stop counting calories, obsessively dieting, and feeling guilty about food.

The kitchen isn't meant to be a scary place. Eating shouldn't be stressful. Food should be simple and delicious: a tool to nourish your fine, fabulous self. 

I'm so glad you're here! My whole-food recipes are vegan and gluten-free, and have been created specially to amp up energy, vibrancy, and uber-confidence. Eating crap = feeling like crap. Eating great = feeling great. 

I am all about eating like you love yourself (because you should!). I focus on simple ingredients, primarily nutrient-dense plants. (That is, plant foods that pack a big healthful punch of nourishment in every bite, without the addition of artificial or processed junk). 

8-Week Program Starter Pack - DIGITAL

I believe that when we make our own vitality a priority by consistently choosing to eat in a way that nourishes and supports us, we can better understand our relationship with eating. No calorie counting. No restriction. Just eating more awesomely more of the time. And hey, feeling pretty darn good about it. 

Please take a peek around at the recipes and articles on the site, and reach out if you have questions. I would love to chat! If you're interested in exploring your relationship with food further, I also offer nutrition coaching as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. 




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quinoa cereal with pistachios and figs

toasted quinoa cereal with pistachios + figs.

Who would have thought that pistachios and figs would go so well together? Well, a bunch of people, apparently, but this is news to me (and welcome news at that!).  On the hunt for a new versatile, make-ahead breakfast (veering


6 days of suja juice equals 1 happy camper.

Good gut health is essential to the optimal functioning of the entire system. 1-3% of our body mass is actually trillions of bacteria – somewhere between 3-5lbs of it! – that facilitate processes in our bodies ranging from digestion, nutrient